September 24, 2018

Summer 2018

I really failed at blogging this summer.

There are many reasons why… none of which I’m really able to share at the moment.  I know, I’m THE worst. Foster care requirements, privacy concerns for the kids..  just a lot going on over here that is currently prohibitive. But, I can tell you that this summer was TOUGH – and it took us by surprise.

I think that was the worst part. Aaron and I could not have anticipated just how difficult things were going to be; how much stress and change and heartache and drain we would all have to endure. If I’m being honest, I think the summer was more painful than healing. It was one of those segments on the healing journey where you take three steps back and only two steps forward. It was brutal.

But, we survived.

If this summer showed me anything, it showed me how strong we are as a family. How incredibly tough our kids are, how incredibly tough I am, too. It also illuminated how great of a team we have assembled to help us through these times because it really does take a village.

And at the end of our painful summer, Aaron and I had to make some quick, intense decisions.

Enter Zena. This ray of sunshine in the middle here.


Zena is the oldest biological sibling of our adopted children. For reasons that will break your heart, she was not on our radar in 2016 when our original five came to us. But she’s here now, for as long as she wants to stay, and a part of our family forever.

Zena ushered in a new chapter for us. She allowed us to bookend our horrible summer and begin a new season-  to reset (again) as a family. This sweet child is more of a gift than she even knows.


The universe really does have mysterious timing.

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